Chinese Calendar Gender Predictor

Since the time immemorial due to socio-economic structures prevailing in countries all over the world especially in Asian countries followed by physical and mental endurance fair sexes were given with less priorities and preferences. In those days even today this practice still has its ugly relevance in some parts of the Asian countries. People therefore were in pursuit of a way to know the sex of the new born in advance.

chinese calendar gender

I think, Chinese calendar gender predictor played that pivotal role for China which is believed to be of 700 years old and was discovered by a Chinese scientist; but it was discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing. The Chinese calendar gender predictor however has got a place at the Beijing Institute of Science.

chinese gender chart

What is this Chinese calendar gender predictor?

A predictor is someone or something that forecasts about the future through and with the help of specialized knowledge or means. A predictor therefore can be a person (male or female) or a computer / robot too which can forecasts about something likely to happen in future – be it immediate or otherwise. A Chinese calendar gender predictor is in essence a calendar that predicts about the sex of the fetus.

How? Chinese people or may be that scientist came up with a table that is supposed to forecast about the sex of the baby yet to born accurately. You will see age columns and month rows there in a table format

Chinese Calendar Gender Predictor

How does this Chinese Lunar calendar work?

To use this chart successfully all that you need to do is select the age of would be mom alongside the month of her pregnancy. Then follow the intersection point of the column and the row. Color in the box of the appropriate intersection point predicts the baby’s gender. Blue stands for boys and pink stands for girls. To precise, Blue = Boys & Pink = Girls and these are successively represented by ‘B’ and ‘G’ in the chart. Some of the calendars however simply use ‘M’ for male and ‘F’ for female on the calendar.

gender predictor chinese

History behind the Chinese Gender Predictor:

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Baby Calendar Chinese is no exception to that. Not so long ago Chinese people preferred to have baby boys over the baby girls. This calendar therefore used to play a pivotal role in giving birth to a baby in China then and / or even before conceiving of a woman.

Chinese Calendar Gender Predictor

What about the authenticity of Chinese calendar gender predictor? 

There’s however no scientific proof of working this calendar fine; but since there are only two options – boy or girl in the calendar the probability of finding the calendar correct stands at 50% which simply goes in sync with the calculations of probability. It is said that the Chinese Gender Calendar was discovered by a Chinese scientist and it was buried in a royal tomb some 700 years ago.

Modern method of detecting a bay’s gender:

The modern method of detecting a baby’s gender is much more accurate and scientific today through 3D or 4D imaging of the baby in the womb with the help of ultrasound scan.

This exercise in particular is however prohibited by law in some of the Asian countries like India with a view to ward off gender biasness alongside the prevailing social menaces there like dowry or killing of female fetus at random which in effect lead to more and more gender imbalance in the population.

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